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Chinese Crested Dog
Chinese Crested Dog

Country of Origin: China

Group: Companion and Toy Dogs

Section: Hairless Dogs

Original Function: ratter, lapdog, curio

Todays Function: companion

Dimension Male: 28-33 cm

Dimension Female: 23-30 cm

Weight Male: 2,5-5,5 kg

Weight Female: 2,5-5,5 kg

Litter Size: 2-4 puppies

Life span: 13-15 years

Other Names: Powder Puff Chinese Crested, Hairless Chinese Cres

Colors: All colors and patterns acceptable.

Living: The chinese crested dog is an inside dog under almost any circumstance. the powder puff can tolerate



There are two distinct varieties of this unusual dog: one is hairless except for its feet, head and tail, and called, not surprisingly, the Hairless; the other is called the Powder Puff. It has a coat of long soft hair. Both come in numerous colors, either solid, mixed or spotted all over. It has a broad skull and a long muzzle. Eyes are dark, and ears are erect. Strangely the two types often come in the same litter.


The Chinese crested is a combination of playful pixie, gentle lap dog and sensitive companion. It is devoted to its family and willing to please; it is also good with other dogs, pets and strangers. Its demeanor should be gay and alert.


The crested enjoys a romp outside, but it hates the cold. It is small enough that it can get sufficient exercise with vigorous inside games. Hairless varieties will need a sweater for cold-weather outings. This is not a breed for outdoor living. Chinese crested dogs are gifted jumpers and some climb. Coat care for the powder-puff variety entails brushing every day or two. The muzzle is usually shaved every two weeks in puffs. The hairless needs regular skin care, such as the application of moisturizer or sunblock, and bathing to combat blackheads. Most hairless need some stray hairs removed prior to showing.


Chinese Crested are very clean, with no doggie odor and are not prone to fleas or ticks. Power Puffs need a lot more grooming. Daily brushing of the Powder Puff"s long, fine, double coat is recommended, taking extra care when the dog is shedding. The wool


Major concerns: none

Minor concerns: none

Occasionally seen: Legg ? Perthes

Suggested tests: none

Note: The hairless is susceptible to blackheads, sunburn