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Scientific Name: Chinchilla lanigera

Country of Origin: South America

Dimencion: 30 cm tall

Weight: 0.6-2 Kgs

Litter Size: 1-6 young

Life span: 10-20 years


Colors: In nature, chinchillas are gray, while other colors have been developed in captivity. For example white, mosaic (white with gray or black patches), beige (very light gray), violet, black velvet, brown velvet and Panda colors have been seen. The gene for white is dominant, but lethal in the absence of a recessive gene of another color. Some mixture of genes that generate some colors, such as sapphire, are more likely to cause disease or deformity in offspring. Red eyes are not only a sign of albinism but associated with beige colored-chinchillas.



Chinchillas have the finest fur of all the mammals which makes them very soft. They are very clean with no noticeable odor and their dense fur keeps lice, fleas and other parasites from taking up residence! They make good pets and are very lively. Keeko loves to go outside in the long grass (on a leash) to jump and play. Pippin is actually Keeko's father! Pippin likes to be left alone more than Keeko, probably because he was in a breeding situation for several years.



With gentle handling from a young age most chinchillas will become quite tame and bond closely with their owners, although sometimes they do not like to be held or cuddled. They are very active and playful. Chinchillas can be kept singly, and usually will do fine as same sex pairs especially if they are litter mates or introduced at a young age.



Female Chinchillas are larger than males and are agressive toward one another. They breed in winter, usually producing two litters of 1 - 6 young. the gestation period is 111 days, and the young are suckled for 6 - 8 weeks.