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Sphynx Cat
Sphynx Cat

Country of Origin: Canada. This hairless mutation is said to have been kept by the ancient Aztecs.

Breed Classification: Hairless

Size: Medium but strong

Weight: 3,5-5 kg

Litter Size: 3-5 kittens

Life span: 13-15 years




All colors in all divisions; white lockets and buttons accepted.



Appears hairless; texture chamois-like; may be covered with short, fine down; may have puff of hair on tip of tail; whiskers sparse and short.



With its almost hairless body, big ears and pixiesh expression, you'll either love or hate it at first sight. However, if you spend a bit of time around a Sphynx, you'll find them companionable, intelligent, and friendly-- all those qualities one looks for in a pet. Sphynx are outgoing and love to show off, which makes them always sought out in shows.



According to the French breed standard, the Sphynx is part monkey, part dog, part child, and part cat. The breed does seem to possess some personality traits of each, despite what geneticists might say about such a combination. To say Sphynxes are lively is an understatement; they perform monkey-like aerialist feats from the top of doorways and bookshelves. Very devoted and loyal, they follow their humans around, wagging their tails doggy fashion and purring with affection. They demand your unconditional attention and are as mischievous (and lovable) as children. And despite all that and their alien appearance, they are completely cats, with all the mystery and charm that has fascinated humankind for thousands of years. While the Sphynx may not be for everyone, its unique appearance and charming temperament has won it an active, enthusiastic following.



Sphynxes also require grooming. They must be regularly bathed to remove collections of oily sebaceous secretions on the skin. These secretions are normal; it?s just that Sphynxes don?t have hair to absorb them. Allowed to collect, these oils can cause skin problems.