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Gold pigeon (Yellow pigeon)
Gold pigeon (Yellow pigeon)

Scientific Name: Symphysodon aequifasciatus

Origin: Amazon river

Family: Cichlidae

Other Names: Symphysodon aequifasciata

Technical Info

Temperature: 26 - 30 ℃

pH: 6.3 - 6.7

GH: 2 - 6

Max size: 15 cm

Min Tank size: 150 Ltr

Position in Aqua: No special swimming level



Peaceful fish that can be kept best in an aquarium that is set up especially for this kind of fish. The height of the aquarium should be at least 50 centimeters (20"). You should set up the aquarium with roots, driftwood, and heavy vegetation to provide hiding places. Open swimming areas should be created. They are very sensitive for nitrates.



You should feed them live food, but before feeding you better freeze the food so parasites will be killed. They barely accept dry food.



Breeding is with a good matching couple fairly easy. Several hundreds of eggs are laid on a leaf of a plant. After a few days they hatch. They are carefully protected by the parents. The fry feed on a milky secretion from the parents skin. It is barely impossible to raise the young without the parents. After a week you can feed the youngsters with baby brine shrimp.


Compatible with

Cardinal tetras, corydoras, exotic plecos, neon tetras, ottos. The following are often listed as compatible, but not everyone agrees - angelfish, barbs, bettas, bolivian rams, clown loaches, danios, gouramis, New World cichlids, ram cichlids. Blue gouramis, tiger barbs and angelfish are often listed as not being compatible because gouramis may suck/kiss at discus and barbs may nip at them. Often incompatibility is based on preferred water temperature ranges and pH rather than temperament.