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Scientific Name: Tilapia buttikoferi

Origin: Nigeria, Cameroon

Family: Cichlidae

Other Names: Zebra Tilapia

Technical Info

Temperature: 26 - 30 ℃

pH: 7.6 - 8

GH: 16 - 20

Max size: 25 cm

Min Tank size: 200 Ltr

Position in Aqua: No special swimming level



This fish is rather intolerant to species of their own kind and to other species as well. You should keep them as a pair together with other fishes of the same size. The aquarium should be set up with stones, driftwood and roots. Plants can not be used for decoration because they think it is food, and during breeding time they dig a lot in the substrate. A sandy substrate is appreciated. A territory is made and they defend it fanatic.



You should give them mainly vegetable food such as spinach and lettuce. Live and dry food is accepted as well.



Breeding is rather easy. Up to 2000 eggs are laid and fertilized under a stone. After 2 days the larvae are moved to a breeding pit. When the young fishes are swimming free you can raise them with baby brine shrimp. Both parents care for the fry.


Compatible with

Tilapia buttikoferi are extremely intelligent and aggressive aquarium fish. Aquarium owners find that they are very active and react to movements outside of the aquarium, including attempts to attack an "invader" through the glass of the tank. It is generally advised not to mix them with other fish, as they can be very aggressive, with few exceptions.



Don’t expect them to let live plants continue living. They even eat duckweed.