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Super VC-10
Super VC-10

Scientific Name: Haplochromis milomo

Origin: Africa, Lake Malawi

Family: Cichlidae

Other Names: Placidochromis milomo, Melanochromis Labrosus, Haplochromis Labrosus, Crytocara Labrosus, Crytocara Milomo

Technical Info

Temperature: 26 - 28 ℃

pH: 8 - 8.4

GH: 18 - 22

Max size: 33 cm

Min Tank size: 400 Ltr

Position in Aqua: No special swimming level



Placidochromis mliomo is a mouthbrooding cichlid from Lake Malawi, Africa. It is a newer introduction, first typed by Michael K. Oliver in 1989. Mr. Oliver picked milomo for the species name because it means "lips" in one of the native languages of the people who live near the lake. Indeed, the wild-caught have very prominent lips, indeed! Since this fish is speedy and difficult to catch, it was compared to a fast British aircraft, the Super VC-10.



In the wild, Placidochromis milomo feeds on crustaceans scraped from the rock. As a result of constant foraging, wild individuals develop very prominent, fleshy lips. Aquarium specimens, which do not have to forage for food, have more modest protuberances. In the aquarium, Placidochromis milomo will easily accept a variety of prepared foods. I fed Tetra Cichlid Sticks, Dainichi Veggie Deluxe, HBH Graze, and Spectrum Pellets.



Breeding P. Milomo is similar to breeding Frontosa. These fish start breeding when they are approximately 12 to 17 cm long. They produce approximately 15 eggs during each spawn, which is a low number for cichlids. Because their eggs are very large, it is difficult for females to hold a sizeable number in their mouths.


Compatible with

Other Haps of similar species and size can be kept together.



Males are aggressive to one another 1-3 m/f ratio should be kept. They are a very strong fish which will not back down from other fish. Can hold its own very well against aggressive fish, but is pretty peaceful in all.