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Basset Hound
Basset Hound

Country of Origin: France

Group: Scenthounds and Related Breeds

Section: Scenthounds

Original Function: trailing rabbits and hare

Todays Function: trailing rabbits and hare, field trials, basset field trials

Dimension Male: 33-38 cm

Dimension Female: 33-38 cm

Weight Male: 18-27 kg

Weight Female: 18-27 kg

Litter Size: up to 15 puppies, average 8

Life span: 8-12 years

Other Names: none

Colors: The colors of the basset hound are of any recognized hound color. this can be lemon white and light

Living: The basset hound can live in either indoors or outdoors in today"s world, but in the early 1500s and



The head is large, with a rounded skull and pronounced occiput. The plane of the muzzle is parallel to the top of the skull. The skin is loose-fitted and falls in folds on the head. The velvety ears are very long and should meet beyond the top of the nose. They should fold and not appear flat. The large teeth should meet in a scissors or level bite. The lips hand down with loose flews. The sad brown eyes should show prominent haw. The expression should be kindly without any harshness. The Basset has a very pronounced dewlap. His chest is very deep and extends in the front of the forelegs. The paws are big and the hindquarters are round. Dewclaws may be removed. The dog"s movement should be deliberate, but not clumsy. The coat is short, hard and shiny. There are no rules concerning color, but it is usually white with chestnut or sand-colored markings.


The basset hound is among the most good-natured and easygoing of breeds. It is amiable with dogs, other pets and children, although children must be cautioned not to put strain on its back with their games. It is calm inside, but it needs regular exercise to keep fit. It prefers to investigate slowly, and loves to sniff and trail. It is a talented and determined tracker, not easily dissuaded from its course. Because of this, it may get on a trail and follow it until it becomes lost. It tends to be stubborn and slow-moving. It has a loud bay that it uses when excited on the trail.


The basset needs mild daily exercise, which can be satisfied by walking on leash or playing in the yard. It does best as a house dog with access to a yard. Its coat needs only minimal grooming, but its face may need regular cleaning around the mouth and wrinkles. Bassets tend to drool.


Origin The name Basset Hound comes from the French word "bas" meaning low. Some sources suggest the Basset Hound may have originated from genetic dwarf dogs presented in litters of other types of French hunting hounds, however, we do know that it is a rat


Major concerns: foreleg lameness, OCD, entropion, ectropion, otitis

Minor concerns: ebral disc disease, glaucoma, vWD, CTP, gastric externa, intervertebral disc disease, glaucoma, vWD, CTP, gastric

Occasionally seen: foot cysts and infection

Suggested tests: eye, blood

Note: Obesity is a problem in the breed, especially beca