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Assorted guppy female
Assorted guppy female

Scientific Name: Poecilia reticulata

Origin: From Mexico to Brazil

Family: Poeciliidae

Other Names: Guppy

Technical Info

Temperature: 18 - 22 ℃

pH: 6.8 - 7.3

GH: 18 - 22

Max size: 6 cm

Min Tank size: 50 Ltr

Position in Aqua: Middle swimmer



Peaceful fish that can be combined with other peaceful fish. The aquarium should be well planted, and a cover of floating plants is necessary to provide a refuge for young. We all had guppys.



The feeding of these fish is easy. Flakes, frozen and live-food are accepted, but some of the diet should be vegetable like algae.



Breeding is very easy. They are viviparous. A male constantly tries to mate with the female, so more than one female should be kept. Every 4-6 weeks the female give birth to 20-40 young. They hide between the roots of floating plants. You can feed them with crushed dry food and baby brine shrimp.


Compatible with

Black Phantom Tetra, Cardinal Tetra, Chinese Algae Eater, Corydoras Catfish, Dwarf Neon Rainbow, Ghost Shrimp, Glow Light Tetra, Harlequin Rasbora, Neon Tetra, Plecostomus, one Red Tailed Shark, Silver Hatchet, White Cloud



Guppies have been introduced for mosquito control and have established themselves in local waters in Namibia and South Africa.