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Lorikeet Rainbow
Rainbow Lorikeet

Country of Origin: Australia

Size: 30 cm in length from the beak to the tip of the tail.

Life span: 25-30 years

Scientific Name: Trichoglossus haematodus


Patched in a variety of colours. Violet to blue head and belly. Yellow on back of head and mixed with green shades on back and wings. Breast red with yellow. Undertail coverts and underside of tail yellow and green. Underwing coverts orange. Eyes orange-red, beak orange-red, legs greenish-grey.


Lories are known for their intelligence, and they are more than happy to entertain you with the tricks that have learned. They are capable of aggressive behavior if their territory and possessions are not respected and nippiness can occur if this behavior is not managed.


Rainbow Lorikeet likes Fruits, insects, pollen, nectar (they are important pollinators of coconut flowers), sunflower seeds, oats, ripened grain, canary-grass seeds, spray millet, buckwheat, apples, grapes, carrots, mealworms.

Special Needs

Keep in pairs in a long aviary with a roomy night shelter, temperature at 24 °C. Facilities for bathing and perching. Does not get on with other species.


They are active. Rainbows need to be provided with plenty of toys. They are particularly fond of things they can swing on, make noise with and foot toys. While they like to shred things and occasionally chew, they aren't huge on chewing compared to many other parrot species.

Cage Life

Prolific breeder. Digs holes in ground or nest boxes 25 X 25 X 45 cm, entrance 9 cm. Lays 2 eggs, incubation 24 to 26 days, fledging 75 to 80 days.