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Parakeet Alexandrine
Alexandrine Parakeets

Country of Origin: Eastern Afghanistan, India, and Sri Lanka

Size: 50 cm in length from the beak to the tip of the tail.

Life span: 25-30 years

Scientific Name: Psittacula eupatria


Prominent black collar around neck with additional pink layer at back. Body mostly green, darker on wings with a reddish shoulder patch. Inner tail feathers are yellowish. Eyes are grey with red circles. Female lacks the black neck collar.


Parakeets are very independent birds, much like the other members of the Psittacula family. Although not often physically affectionate towards their owners, they do like to be interacted with and talked to. They love to play outside of their cage, but are also content to be in their cage playing with toys. They love to chew, so soft-wood toys are a must!


Seeds, fruit.

Special Needs

Large, metal aviary.


Parakeets are very energetic birds! Besides flying, which is important for all parakeets, these birds love to chew! Be sure you provide them with lots of assorted toys and wood chews, perches and swings.

Cage Life

Can be quite tame, when raised under cage conditions. Fair talker, but must be confined to cage to be taught. Breeding takes place only with ample space. Nest box should be 45 X 40 X 60 cm, with 12 cm entrance diameter. Lays 2 to 4 eggs, incubation time 28 days, fledging 40 to 50 days.