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Country of Origin: Sweden

Group: Scenthounds and Related Breeds

Section: Scenthounds

Original Function: hunting dog

Todays Function: hunting dog, companion

Dimension Male: 53-61 cm

Dimension Female: 49-57 cm

Weight Male: 18-25 kg

Weight Female: 18-25 kg

Litter Size: 4-8 puppies

Life span: 12-15 years

Other Names: Schiller Bracke, Sabueso De Schiller, Schiller Hou

Colors: Tan with black saddle

Living: this breed is not a recommended pet for apartment dwellers. the dog has high exercise requirements

Recognized: FCI


A Schillerstovare is a beautiful breed of hunting dog. This lean but well muscled dog has a rich golden tan coat that is made impressive by the jet black mantle. The dog is one mean hunter and highly valued by Swedish hunters for its tracking and hunting abilities. However, the impressive appearance coupled with a docile and calm temperament makes this breed a good candidate for a home companion. This bred is loved not only for its hunting prowess but also for the loyalty, for the affection and for the companionship it gives to its human family. The Schiller Hound makes a good family pet and companion but this breed would need early socialization and consistent training. This dog is intelligent but training can be quite difficult given that this is an independent breed. This breed is wary of strangers and as such would need early socialization as well.


A Schillerstovare is a lively and affectionate dog. Energetic while hunting, this breed is calm inside the house and would only show it lively nature when playing with the children and when it is accompanying a family member for a walk. This dog tolerates other dogs in the household especially if socialized well. However, because of a high prey drive, the Schillersto"vare should not be trusted with smaller pets. It would be wise to keep the rabbit inside a sturdy cage otherwise the dog may decide to "play" with the small pet.


This breed has high exercise requirements running free on a farm or hunting it will take care of its own exercise needs, however, if they are not actively working, they need to be taken on a daily walk or jog.


This breed would not require too much grooming time. Regular brushing would remove loose hair. Rubbing the coat with chamois cloth would bring out the sheen. This breed though is a hunter. After the dog is hunted, the coat should be brushed and the ears a


Major concerns: CHD

Minor concerns: patellar luxation

Occasionally seen: elbow dysplasia

Suggested tests: hip, knee